Calendar Sync

Sync Free Events

Events marked as free will be synchronized.

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Sync Free Events UI
Sync Free Events UI

OneCal's Calendar Sync feature offers you the flexibility to synchronize events that are marked as 'free' in your calendar. When you mark an event as 'free,' it typically means that it doesn't occupy a specific time slot in your schedule and is more of a placeholder rather than a structured appointment.

With OneCal, you can choose to synchronize these 'free' events, ensuring that they are mirrored in your other calendars. This can be especially useful for keeping track of flexible or unstructured commitments that you want to maintain consistency across all your calendar platforms.

For instance, if you have a 'Free Time' block in your Google calendar meant for open work or personal tasks, you can opt to sync this event with your Outlook calendar. This way, you'll have a unified view of your schedule, even for periods marked as 'free,' ensuring you're aware of your available time slots regardless of the calendar you're using.

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