Calendar Sync

Copy Events With RSVP

Exclude events from syncing by your response (RSVP): Going, Maybe, Unanswered, No Only events containing one of the selected responses will be synchronized.

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Copy Events By RSVP UI
Copy Events By RSVP UI

OneCal's Calendar Sync feature lets you have even more control over which events get synchronized. You can choose to exclude events based on their RSVP responses. RSVP responses are like 'Yes,' 'Maybe,' 'Unanswered,' or 'No' when someone is invited to an event.

Here's how it works: Suppose you have several events on your calendars, but you only want to sync events where you've responded with 'Yes' or 'Maybe.' By selecting these options, only the events where you've indicated your intention to attend or consider attending will be synchronized between your calendars. Events with 'Unanswered' or 'No' responses won't be included in the synchronization.

This feature ensures that you're only sharing the events that matter most to you across your calendars, making your scheduling process more streamlined and efficient.

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