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Exclude Events By Color

Events colored with the selected color won't be synchronized.

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Exclude Events By Color UI
Exclude Events By Color UI

OneCal offers a handy feature that allows you to prevent specific events from being synchronized by using a chosen color. This means that events with a particular color won't be copied over to your other calendars during the synchronization process.

For example, imagine you color-code your events, with all personal appointments in blue and work-related events in green. If you've set it up so that green events should not be synchronized, then any work-related appointments colored green in one calendar will not appear in your other synced calendar. This ensures that you have the flexibility to keep certain events separate and not clutter your other calendars.

By selecting this color-based exclusion option, you can maintain better control over what gets synchronized, allowing you to keep different aspects of your life or work separate as needed. OneCal's customizable features make it easy to tailor your calendar syncing experience to your preferences.

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