Calendar Sync

Disable Reminders for Clones

Disable reminder notifications for clone events, so you don't get multiple notifications for the same event across multiple calendars.

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Disable Reminders For Clones UI
Disable Reminders For Clones UI

Additionally, OneCal's Calendar Sync feature provides a helpful option to prevent receiving duplicate reminder notifications for the same event across multiple calendars. When you sync your calendars, you may worry about getting multiple reminders for a single event on both Outlook and Google calendars.

To address this concern, OneCal allows you to disable reminder notifications specifically for cloned events. This means that even if you have reminders set up in both of your synced calendars, you can choose to receive reminders for the original event in one calendar only. The cloned event in the other calendar will remain free from additional notifications, ensuring a more streamlined and less intrusive notification experience.

For example, if you have an important meeting scheduled in both your Outlook and Google calendars, and you've set up a reminder for it in Outlook, you can choose to disable reminders for the same meeting in your Google calendar. This way, you'll receive a single reminder from your preferred calendar, reducing the chances of receiving redundant notifications.

OneCal's thoughtful customization options ensure that you have full control over your calendar experience, minimizing unnecessary distractions and keeping your schedule well-organized.

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