Calendar Sync

Mark Clones As Private

Cloned events will be marked as private to other people in your org.

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Mark Events as Private UI
Mark Events as Private UI

When using OneCal's Calendar Sync feature, you have the option to designate cloned events as 'private' to ensure confidentiality within your organization. This means that events that are copied from one calendar to another will be marked as 'private,' and they won't be visible to other people in your organization who have access to your calendar.

For instance, let's say you have a team calendar in your organization's Outlook account, and you want to sync some personal appointments from your Google calendar. By enabling this 'private' setting, these personal appointments will remain hidden from your colleagues who have access to the shared team calendar. This ensures that your personal schedule remains confidential and separate from your work-related events.

OneCal's privacy features empower you to maintain the necessary boundaries between your personal and professional life, ensuring that sensitive information is protected and shared only when you choose to do so.

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