Invite, manage and pay your team

OneCal allows you to invite, manage and pay for your team, allowing them to use Calendar Sync, Collective Booking link and enjoy collaborative features.

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Team Illustration
Illustration of the OneCal team UI.

Good To Know

When inviting team members to your plan, you will be charged according to your selected plan for each additional user.

Invite Team Members

To invite a member to your team, simply enter the email and full name and hit send. The user will receive an email from OneCal, explaining that someone has invited him to a team.

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Send Invite Illustration
Send Invite Illustration.

After accepting the invite, the user has to Set Up the OneCal Account.

Good To Know

You can invite a user to your team, even if he has a OneCal account. We'll send a notification on the dashboard someone has been invited to switch teams.

Note that for you to be able to invite an existing user, the user shouldn't have an active subscription.

Resend Invitation

After sending the initial invite, you can easily resend the invitation. After clicking 'Resend Invitation', the user will receive a new email containing the invite.

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Resend Invitation UI
Resend Invitation UI.

Cancel Invitation

You can cancel the invites at any time, by clicking the three dots on the right of the invited user, and clicking 'Cancel Invite'

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Cancel Invite UI
Cancel Invite UI.

Assign Roles

Currently, a team can have three roles:

  • Owner: The user who created the team, who has full ownership over the team and all roles. A team cal only have one owner.
  • Admin: The user who can manage the team and billing.
  • Member: A normal user, who doesn't have access to managing the team or billing.
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Assign Roles UI
Assign Roles UI UI.

Remove Member From Team

You can remove members from the team at any time, by clicking the three dots on the right of the team member, and clicking 'Remove from plan'

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Remove From Plan UI
Remove From Plan UI.

Good To Know

When removing a user from your plan, the unused period of the subscription becomes a credit for future invites.

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