Booking Links

Custom Questions

You can customize the questions which every booker needs to answer when they book a meeting with you through your booking link.

To do so, navigate to Booking Links > Manage from the left navigation menu, then find the booking link you want to customize from the list and click on it. Once on the booking link settings, navigate to the Advanced tab and you should see the "Questions" section.

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Custom Questions UI
Custom Questions UI.

The Email Address and Full Name fields are required by default and unchangeable because they are always needed to create the booking.

Adding a custom Question

To add a new question to your Booking Link, navigate to the Advanced tab of the Booking Link you want to edit, then under the Questions section, you should see a Add Question button.

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Add Custom Question
Add Custom Question.

Provide the following info to add a new question:

  1. Question Label (Required) - The label for this question, which will be presented to the booker
  2. Placeholder (Optional) - Useful for providing a hint or example answer to the user.
  3. Type (Required) - What type of question this is. See below for more info regarding each type option and their use-case.
  4. Options (Required when applicable) - Some question types, require the user to select from one or more options provided. When that's the case, you will need to enter all the possible options the user can choose from here.
  5. Required (Optional) - When enabled, the booker will always need to fill in this question before scheduling. When disabled, the booker can skip this particular question when booking a meeting.
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New Question UI
New Question UI.

Question Types

OneCal currently supports the following question types. More question types may be added in the future. If you have a need for a specific question type not listed below, do not hesitate to reach out.

  • Short Text - Single-line, text field. Suitable for things like "Company Name", "Address", "Occupation" etc.
  • Long Text - Multi-line text field. Suitable for longer open-ended answers, like "Booking Reason", "Additional Notes" etc.
  • Phone Number - Phone number text field. Suitable when you want bookers to provide a phone number before booking.
  • Dropdown - Allows bookers to select one of the provided options. Suitable when you have a large (5+) list of options you want the bookers to choose from, for example, a list of venues, "How did you hear about us?", etc.
  • Checklist - Allows bookers to select one or more (no selection is also allowed if the field is not required) options from the provided list of options. Suitable for things like "Which services are you interested in?".
  • Radio List - Allows bookers to select one of the provided options. Suitable for when you have a small (5 or less) options you want the bookers to choose from. Suitable for things like "Company Size", Yes/No Questions etc.

Editing or Deleting an existing question

To edit an existing question, click on the 3-dot menu to the right of the question you want to edit, then click on "Edit" to change the settings for the question or "Delete" to remove that question.

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Question action menu
Question action menu.

Changing the position of a question

When you have 2 or more custom questions (excluding the default "Email" and "Full Name" questions), you will see a button with 2 arrows in between each pair of questions.

Clicking on that button will swap the places of the two questions above and below the button.

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Swap Positions of 2 Questions
Swap Positions of 2 Questions.
Custom event name in the booking