Calendar Sync

Sync Event Participants

Include participants from the original events.

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Sync Event Participants UI
Sync Event Participants UI

Good To Know

Participants will be included in the event's description to prevent them from getting an invitation for the cloned event.

OneCal's Calendar Sync feature offers a comprehensive solution for managing event participants. When you synchronize your calendars, it intelligently includes the participants from the original events without sending them new invitations for the cloned event. Instead, participants' details are thoughtfully incorporated into the event's description.

Here's how it works: Let's say you have a team meeting scheduled in your Outlook calendar with multiple participants listed, including their names and email addresses. With OneCal, when this event is synced to your Google calendar, all the participant's information will be neatly added to the event's description. This means you have a clear record of who is involved in the meeting, their contact details, and any other relevant participant information.

The crucial benefit here is that these participants won't receive additional invitations or notifications for the cloned event, preventing unnecessary emails or meeting alerts. Instead, they can refer to the event description within your synced calendar to access the participant list.

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